Build Premium.
Leave A Legacy. 
Get Strategy.

Build Premium.
Leave A Legacy. 
Get Strategy.
This is not  going to be your run-of-the mill business sales page. Although we are married (together for 19 yrs and married for 9)  and we do coach other married entrepreneurs, 
BUT we  are straight shooters and are allergic to 'fluff' talk. 
Seriously, we have a deep aversion for it and are all about helping you two seeing  R E S U L T S...
 in both your marriage and your business.

The Bernards: CPA & Senior Pastors

"When we started coaching (with OL and Sway) my husband and I were running two businesses. While both businesses were profitable, we had several personal interests and passions that we wanted to pursue but we did not know exactly how to bring them to fruition or how to monetize them. After meeting for the first time, we walked away with a wealth of information and knowledge and an extensive to do list! 
We began to actually strategize the vision for our businesses not just plan and set goals and objectives. We learned to incorporate our interests and passions into our personal brand and monetize what it actually looks like! 
What we did not expect was that the coaching actually permeated into our personal lives. We learned how to balance our time with one another as well as how to manage our energy level based on the amount of energy a certain task requires. This is huge in our life as we not only manage two business but are in the early stages of homeschooling our two, young children. This tool alone has transformed our once hectic, inefficient days to days of peace and productivity". 
There's Really Only Two Reasons Why You're Here:
  •  #1 You two are scaling your business and you know you're missing pieces that are stealing your time and energy (and it's likely you're leaving money on the table). You're ready to tap into your full power couple potential and uncover the secrets of successful marriedpreneurs. You're in the right place. 
  •  #2 Whether  it's one of you leading the business and the other supporting, it doesn't really matter-you can sense it's time to get in front of a breaking point (or you're already there). You don't want to go down a costly path or end up at a dead end of nothing.  As you guys have been building your business you know you need a strategy for building together TODAY. It's time to get best practices and a proven system for marriedpreneurs so you can achieve your goals! If this is you, you're in the right place!
If you can't identify with either one of these, then you're probably in the wrong place. It's best to just get THAT out of the way at the start.
Now, as we were saying...

The Leachs: Mobile Apps and Dance Studio Owners

"When we made the decision to sign up with the coaching program with Sway and Otis, we were very new in addressing the business structure of the niche we were going in. They presented ideas and concepts that were insightful and fresh and kept us on the right track to what we needed to accomplish. It felt good to know that in starting something completely new and challenging that they were in our corner, by our side, a phone call/ zoom meeting away to provide any and all wisdom and directions they had. The program helped us remain encouraged throughout the process towards success! ".
As married entrepreneurs we handle more than the average business owner. For those of us who want to see our marriage AND  business thrive, there's a HUGE hurdle in front of us...
 Married Entrepreneurs'  Deal with MORE Conflict But Also Are Positioned For Creating A World-Changing Legacy!
Combining marriage and business creates a unique advantage when you have the right systems in place!
The Job of THIS  Page Is To Help You Overcome The Objections In Your Head About Whether Or Not To Take Our Offer.
Because, really there only four reasons you 
guys won't take us up on what we're offering...
  •  #1 No Need: Your marriage and your business are both peachy-keen and you're all good. You are achieving your goals each day. 
  • #2 No Desire:  Maybe you just 'happened' upon this page and you have absolutely have no desire to get step-by-step guidance on your scaling your business together,  or hey, you may not even be married!
  • #3 No Trust:  Ahh, this is a common one. You probably don't even know who we are or why you should even trust us. Makes sense. That's why further down the page, we're sharing more about our 'street cred'.
  • #4 No Money: Yup, this is the second most common one... The great thing is, your initial call with us is free (for now)!  However, we know as entrepreneurs how to invest in the things that are most precious to us. After we show you the strategies that will increase your business profits  AND give you  more time freedom...this one won't even be an issue! 
We know this because we've experienced both sides of this coin.
Strong marriages make doing business way much more enjoyable and impactful.

When you two have a clear vision for your marriage and business and are clear about the boundaries not only for each spouse , but even for the business, everything shifts...majorly.
If your business burns to the ground tomorrow (like we've nearly experienced!) but you two are so tight that even air can't get through, the bounce-back is inevitable. 
Breakthrough flows when you two are unified (not to be confused with uniformed). 
Building a legacy business is a given. 
Makes sense, right? 
If you never invest in your business, guess what happens? It fails.
So, why would we treat our marriage any differently?
Here's an opportunity to grow both your business and marriage together. 
What you focus on flourishes
 We are strong advocates of marriage counseling, but out of our several years of experience, marriage counselors don't incorporate entrepreneurial pillars into their sessions. What this means is that in order for you two to overcome the odds in marriage and business, your building blocks for your marriedprenuer journey MUST include systems that create more time for your marriage and increased income for your business. Knowing how to work together and have fun is necessary!
Glad you asked, here's why...

Hi, We're O.L. and Sway!

We feel that it's possible but simply not ethical to teach what you haven't proven yourself. So here's a bit more about us.
We run multiple businesses separately as well as two businesses together. 

Systems and results is what we do. 

But it didn't start out that way. 

When we first got married only one of us was a full-time entrepreneur (Sway)  while the other worked a 9-5 in banking and wealth management (O.L). But we believe, if one of is called to entrepreneurship, 

the marriage is called to entrepreneurship...

We used to think that once we got married, we would get to spend much more time together. However, the reality wasn't so glam. Being that we were both SUPER driven in whatever we put our hands to, we actually spent less and less time together as husband and wife (but more and more time like roommates instead.)
We didn't really talk much.

When we did, it was surface...

We knew we were at a cross roads with pretty much everything when sudden job loss hit our home. You see, we'd been speaking about this transition for about a solid 6 months, but fear stopped us from moving forward...

We would pray and  ask God about His real plan for our marriage  and business goals because what we were experiencing was NOT what we envisioned. The thing was we were willing to work at it. We just didn't know where to start. We took this layoff as a sign to not look back and go forward in building another business together. It started off better than expected. We actually started talking more but then it happened.

The business took over...everything.

All we did was think, talk eat about our businesses. 

In fact we knew we were putting the marriage on the back-burner but we were O.K. with it because we knew what we 'had' to do. The thing is, at the sound of being noble and responsible, we allowed a compulsive disorder to set in and the business-takeover became the norm. It was vortex that we could literally not see the way out.

It became dark.

We had been at a similar place before and the big distraction was the job loss. But now, we didn't have a distraction. We were stuck with figuring out a way to make it really work...or...

 Having another heart to heart convo was the only thing we knew to do next. THIS time it was different though. Our discussion really focused on  key things we envisioned for our marriage and business together. We sought help by going to marriage conferences and hiring coaches but no one confronted what we needed as married entrepreneurs. So, we went to marriage counseling sessions but we didn't get strategies on how to be married and run a business. 

The real issue was that neither guided us through tapping into our sweet spots and working together, supporting each other and building a life that was based around the vision for their lives. We were forced to create our own systems by combining what we learned and use our experiences as the foundation to build these systems.

Even though we were still bumping our heads through this learning process, we began to see the light!

We know the challenges of scaling a legacy business together... it requires a UNIQUE skill set to win at both marriage and entrepreneurship!
Building together can be easy and enjoyable 
when you two have a clear system and
 know the specific steps to take.
So, Here's What You Two Can Expect On A Strategy Call With Us
  • Identify exactly where you are right now with the use of our Marriedpreneur Assessment.
  • ​Identify the vision of where you two desire to be within  the next 3 months.
  • ​Identify the obstacles that are stunting your growth and implement strategies to accelerate. 
  • ​Clarity on how to implement more revenue streams + systems without straining your time (or marriage)
  • ​And a whole lot more!
Once we’ve done all of that,

We’ll create an action plan for you two to  move forward and crush. your. goals.
Now, the skeptical part of your brain will be thinking:
"Why are they offering a handful of strategy calls for free"?
Here's Why:
  • We're on a mission to change the lives of countless marriedpreneurs.  We believe you marriedpreneurs have a special calling to bring massive transformation because it's a family affair. We want to see marriages thrive and their businesses scale. 
  • This is how we pick out our BEST clients: By having the strategy session, we get to see if you two are truly motivated and not here to just waste both of our time.
  • We are motivated and determined to help keep you two accountable: If you want to work together long-term, that’s great. At the end of the call, we can discuss that. 
  • Coaching: The insightful coaching you will receive  in such a short amount of time is unmatched!   
Complete the Form Below To Book Your Time
But be quick if you’re genuinely interested.
There's only 'one' of us and at any time there can be more requests than we can address. 
Once our strategy sessions are booked up, that's it.
So if you two are truly sick of spinning your wheels and ready for a serious breakthrough, 
apply for your appointment below. 

The Sauls-Dance Studio  Owners

"The experience has been the best blessing for my company. In the years past we have been making last minute advance with no solid guidance and running into so many roadblocks! But gaining the opportunity to allow the coaching to give me such insight into some of our company’s obstacles has helped us to see and experience opportunity and success instead of obstacles of interference. Having this level of coaching has offered us the motivation and clear direction we have desire for so very long!". 
The Longs, 
My Fit Life
The Johnsons, 
Thriving In Love
The Hendersons, 
Serial Entrepreneurs
The Strouds, 
Sweet Rolls Denton
P.S. If you’re anything like us and you skimmed the page to see the offer, here’s the deal:

If you're a married entrepreneurial couple that is serious about building multiple streams together without adding stressing your time or marriage, we want to help you skyrocket your structure and income.

...We’ll help you do just that, by identifying and destroying the obstacles holding you back and creating your ultimate 90-day game plan using our unique Marriedpreneur Blueprint and Assessment.

(This won’t be one massive sales pitch either. We’ll actually be COACHING you during our session and giving you two an actual game plan to achieve your marriedpreneur goals.)

If, at the end of the call, you two  decide you’d like to work with us on a long-term basis, that’s great.

If you don’t, that’s fine too.


Apply for a call using the button below to get started!